OneHeart Sound


4 moduler kursus henover 4 weekender


5999 kr.

Lyd og teknologi kan være udfordrende, men det behøver det ikke at være.

OneHeart-konceptet har til formål at berige og opbygge gudstjenester i din lokale kirke. Vi sigter efter at give ressourcer og praktiske input til at inspirere og mobilisere alle dem, der tjener inden for tilbedelsesområdet. Vi tror på, at lyd og teknologi er en stor del af den praktiske udførelse af dette tjenesteområde, og med OneHeart Sound retter vi vores fokus mod alle lyd- og teknologi folkene.

OneHeart Sound vil skabe et fællesskab, hvor folk, der er nye inden for lyd, og dem med mangeårige ekspertise, kan deltage sammen.

Kurset vil blive opdelt i 4 skarpe moduler for at sikre, at alle har en chance for at lære og vokse på rejsen. For at få mest ud af kurset forventes der, at du er med alle 4 gange.

14.-18. October 2022  

11.-14. Januar 2023

22.-25. Marts 2023

30. Mai - 3. Juni 2023

The course will be held in English.

The 4 modules:

Module 1Foundation

will take place at the OneHeart conference inOctober 2022, where we will set the foundation and focus on the heart of worship and creating a team with synergy and a good vibe. Without a team that is full of joy and energy to serve together, you will face an uphill battle with many stones to trip you up. We will provide a good overview of the whole course and give practical hands-on opportunities to get started. Module 1 aims to inspire and raise your curiosity for all that is possible in the area of sound and tech. We will have some demonstrations that will show some of the wild possibilities available with sound and tech.

Module 2All about that mixer
will take a deep dive into everything mixing console related. Digital mixers, connecting multiple mixers. Running monitor mixers. This module will start off with the most basic setup teaching how to use what we have. We will then go all the way to some of the most complicated and advanced mixer setups. Be prepared to have your mind blown and your knowledge expanded wide open.

Module 3 on stage
will look at everything on stage. This includes signal flow with line drivers, stage boxes, and troubleshooting on a Sunday morning. This module will also dive into microphones and different ways to get the best out of your instruments and musicians. We will look at creative ways to make your setup work even if you do not have all the gear. Some have all the gear, no idea.

Module 4everything live”

will dive into live-streaming, live recording, and everything live. The exciting part of this module is that we will be working together to create a live recording of a worship artist. It will be a chance to put everything into practice and create something that is more than a one-off event.

Tyron Ivins

Tyron is passionate about God and all things creative, especially music and production. Some of his event highlights and roles included: Event Co-ordination & Production AriseFest New Year’s Festival with an attendance of 1500 – 2500 people (2009 & 2010) Production Manager at many sold out events at the 4500-seater CityHill Auditorium in South Africa Production manager on the only two Bethel Music Tours to South Africa (2015 & 2016) Production Assistant, Jesus Culture Tour to South Africa (2012) Baptist World Alliance, Music Team Leader at this 3500-delegate conference hosted at the International Convention Centre in Durban. (2015) Training and consulting Between 2009 and 2019 ran a worship training ministry in South Africa called Arise Worship that offered training and consulting to hundreds of churches around South Africa and abroad. Arise Worship was a registered dealer of all major sound brands and offered installations and sales for churches ranging from small 100-seater venues up to thousand-seater venues. Music When it comes to music, he has a deep passion for both playing and creating. Some of his highlights include: Multiple tours with various bands around Africa and Europe Recording and releasing over 43 original songs Recording and producing various other artists. Development of Sonar Music Denmark.

Esben Dulwich Engholm

Creative Lab leader, musikker og sangskriver

Esben er uddannet indenfor kreativitet og innovation, han er en erfaren lovsangspræst og sangskriver. Med 22 års erfaring i lovsangsledelse og leder af creative teams, kommer han til at udruste eleverne til at kunne sætte aftryk. Esben har en stor passion for at fremme lovsang nationalt såvel som internationalt. Herudover har Esben en stor evne til dette både i teori og praksis, så de går op i en højere enhed.